A word from Cath at Sugartown…..

A word from Cath (Wardell)

Blog- Pals Programme
pals-puppetsBeing involved in delivering the Pals Programme to our children at Sugartown has been very rewarding to me, although I’ve yet to master using multiple puppets at the one time.
Children face many different challenges on any given day, be it learning to share, waiting, turn taking or self-regulating. The lessons we provide are aimed at supporting the children to cope in different situations and problem solve. When we put these skills into use during play or in a group activity, we are linking it back to what we learnt at Snow Gum Preschool with the puppets. It’s wonderful to see the look of rememberance on a child’s face when they talk about what’s happening to them at that moment, and be able to relate it back to a prior lesson with Pals. Cheers from Cath.