Parenting Programs

Parenting Programs

Jumbunna has a number of staff who are qualified Practitioners to present parenting programs.
Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) are run regularly, including the standard, disability, Indigenous specific, and seminar courses. Some are held at night. Child care is usually provided.
Triple P is a parenting program for all families that provides practical answers to everyday parenting concerns. Triple P helps you to:
* Promote your child’s development and communication skills
* Manage your child’s behaviour and emotions
* Build a good relationship with your child
*Take care of yourself as a parent.

Circle of Security

The Circle of Security Parenting Program runs for 8 weeks and focuses on strengthening the relationship that parents/carers have with their children. This approach teaches new ways to understand children’s needs & behaviour. It offers effective ways to respond to children that will help them to develop a sense of being safe and secure, so that they are able to learn, grow and develop positive relationships with others.

Tuning into Kids

 Teaches parents and carers skills in emotion coaching. Emotion coaching as defined by John Gottman is a way of responding to emotions that can help children to understand, regulate and work through their emotions so that they manage their behaviour and respond in socially appropriate ways. In particular, the program teaches parents to notice children’s emotions, especially before emotions have become overwhelming for the child. Parents and carers are encouraged to accept, validate and empathise with their child’s emotions, help reflect upon or name the emotions being experienced, and if necessary, assist the child to work through the emotion and problem solve.

Hanen Programs

These programs are some of the most well known and most researched early language intervention programs in the world. They are consistent in terms of best practice and using natural context and a family centred approach. Our specially trained and accredited speech pathologist runs these programs.

Comments from recent participants include:

  • “It’s helped my son so much and explained where he was up to and where he is now.”
  • “Its a great way to gain ideas and ways to help your child communicate when they don’t have any interest in doing so.”
  • How much its helped my daughter, how it has changed me, how far we both have come.”

Brochures are available about these programs at the front office.

It takes two to talk:

This program is for parents of children (birth to 5) who have language delays

graphic of hanen course

More than words:

This program provides parents of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or children with social communication difficulties with practical tools to help their children communicate.

graphic hanen course