another word from Kathy B….

Since the last time I wrote I have travelled to Canada and had an amazing holiday. I also have a new granddaughter and I am awaiting a new grandson who should arrive soon to join Lucas 10,          Nate 7 ½ and Sophia 3.  Grand children certainly bring much joy to a family; Lucy has been warmly welcomed by her cousins who refer to her as ‘Baby Lucy’ it is great to see relationships form between these little Bruni’s.

Grandchildren are certainly a different ball game to your own children. You don’t have the day to day responsibilities of raising them, unless you have stepped up to help out i.e. school holidays etc.    I think there is a different type of love,… not that you don’t love your children…

Kathy B and friendsAs much as family is important so is friendships, there are different levels of friendship.  I have an enduring one that has lasted 58/59 years. I have two friends that I went to school with from kindergarten that I am still friends with. We don’t see each other all the time, but over the last three years, since we have reached a milestone age…. We have got together for a weekend away.  This time is most enjoyable and is something I treasure. Last year was a cruise, this year is Cairns, next who knows..

My role at the Centre has been changing; I am working more on the financial aspect of our Centre.  This past year has been challenging for me with learning a couple of different programs that have to be used for the NDIS. It is good to be challenged in your abilities, though it certainly has not felt like it sometimes. I feel that I have learnt a lot, but, I certainly don’t think I have completely mastered it, time yet to do that?? Hopefully.

In the photo – my Friends Sandy (left) and Merilyn (right) ready to embark on a Cruise last year.